The experimenting theatre group founded in early 1970-s in Moscow by Serguei Melkonian under the name of "Avanguard" that gradually grew up to become (since 1978) today's famous International Arlekin Theatre was like a seed from which the Russian Acting School mostly known as SM Drama Academy with branches in Moscow, and Los Angeles has been developed.Arlekin is a completely new and innovative theatre for a new century. Its unique style is based on principles, ideas and teachings of outstanding Russian theater directors such as E. Vakhtangov, V. Meyerkhold and Michael Checkov in combination with Italian commedia dell'arte (comedy of masks) performing particularities.

The International Arlekin Theatre, Inc. (IAT, Inc.) has been established as a result of enterprising activities of Arlekin Theatre.

It was registered on March 4, 1991 in the State of California.
The main activities of IAT, Inc. have been creation of live Theatre productions and TV productions as well as establishing and developing the Russian Acting School under the name of SM Drama Academy.
IAT, Inc. proudly considers itself as a live cultural bridge between Russia and America. IAT, Inc. became the initiator and inspirer of the First Festival of Russian theaters in Los Angeles which is entitled "ARLEKINADA".
The independent Arlekin Theatre that celebrated its 30th anniversary in March 2002 has been performing throughout the former Soviet Union, West European countries and California for the passed three decades. The Theatre is a unique international troupe admitted to be one of the best stages in California.

It's a prizewinner of numerous prestigiouacting contests and theatrical festivals.Back to the enterprise activities of IAT Inc., it should be indicated that International Arlekin Theatre was registered as Corporation "C". It is free from debts to financial institutions as well as to individuals. In contrast, IAT Corp. has total receivables from six entities - two joint ventures (one Russian and one US company) and four branches.Whatever successful enterprising and business activities, main goal of IAT, Inc. was, still remains and is going to be the support of new experimenting theater groups, seeking young talented people and helping them in their acting carriers, developing the theatrical movement as a whole, and at last but not least - contributing to the process of cultural rapprochement of Russia and the U.S.A as well as helping build the relations of true friendship between these two great nations.




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